The Japanese Bridal Car

After the kimono dressing was finished, the bride and groom moved to the shrine via a special bridal car. But this bridal is very different than western limousines. There are three special features:
1. There is a Chinese character for happiness painted on the car
2. Besides the doors, the roof of the backseats also open to make room for the Japanese bride's kimono and hood
3. To help the bride, there are reins on the back of the front seats for her to balance herself with

Wearing a white shiromuku kimono makes it very difficult to move. The reason why is because your body is basically wrapped in a thick comforter. And if the bride wears the traditional wig and kimono hood, that's another 20cm added to her height. So these are the reasons why the Japanese bridal car was invented!

Kyoto Weddingsが4月の挙式をご紹介します。さてさてお支度が完成したら新郎新婦様はブライダルタクシーにて岡崎神社まで移動です。ここでひとつ豆知識のご紹介!ブライダルカーってご存知ですか?名前の通りで婚礼仕様のタクシーなんです。なにが婚礼仕様かというと


Looks very elegant, doesn't it? Furthermore, to ensure safety, only experienced drivers can operate bridal cars. When the bridal car pulls up at the shrine, there is a certain excitement that the wedding is about to start.


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